Wednesdays at 6pm at Conrology Studio SF


what is it?

An instructor supervised, sliding scale Pilates workout in a walk-in / walk-out gym-style environment. Workouts are self directed and under the supervision of an instructor who floats around the room to give recommendations, hands-on cuing, modifications and challenges based on clients' individual needs and concerns.


who can come?

Anyone. If you are new to Pilates on the apparatus, or working through an injury, we highly encourage you to take five equipment classes or three introductory private lessons prior to attending an open gym.

what does it cost?

Acknowledging that folks have varying degrees of access to resources, we are asking open gym participants to invest on a sliding scale of $0-$50 per visit. Sliding scales are a tool of economic justice. We ask that folks who have the means to pay at the top of the scale do so. Check out this helpful diagram as you orient yourself to sliding scales.


how do I pay?

Cash, Venmo or cc directly to your instructor at the time of your visit.

how do I register?

Online registration via MBO is required. For the best open gym experience, we recommend arriving close to 6pm and wrapping up your workout by 6:55pm. 

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