Online Pilates Classes

All virtual classes are offered through the Zoom meeting platform. Closed captioning is available upon request.

Classical Pilates

A verbally guided classical mat Pilates workout with few demonstrations and lots of personal attention. This class can be done with or without small props or on an apparatus. 

Mat Pilates Basics

A follow-along style class with verbal cues and visual demonstrations. This class can be done with small props but they are not necessary. This class will be enjoyed most by those who are just starting to learn about classical Pilates, are coming back to Pilates after some time away or by experienced students looking to deepen their understanding of placement and personal compensation patterns.

Mat Pilates + Cardio

A Mat Pilates workout with a sprinkle of Pilates-inspired cardio with easy-to-follow but challenging balance sequences and low and high-impact options to increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance. All bodies welcome! This is a follow-along style class with music.

Polelates Poletential

Increase your pole-tential for stretch, strength and control in this challenging follow-along style Mat class using a Pilates Pole (Bar). Standing + floor work with classical and contemporary choreography. No Pole? No Problem! Broom handles, rolling pins and softball bats will work great! 

Mat with Franklin Ball

A Mat Pilates workout using the Franklin Mobility Ball for increased awareness, alignment and movement potential. This class can be taken without any props and still give you a great workout. 

Vertical Pilates

A follow-along style Mat Pilates class done almost entirely standing! Magic Circles and a stack of sturdy books 3-4 inch (7-10 cm) will be helpful though not necessary to fully enjoy this class. Seated modifications available for ALL exercises.

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